Every day, Google brings up-gradation for advertisements by enabling them to turn things automatically. Google keeps notifying the advertisers of automatic opts by stating several benefits. However, not every auto-recommendation is equally beneficial for you.

Relying 100% upon automatic recommendation will drastically affect your advertisement, and it might die shortly. Moreover, you know better what strategy will be lucrative for you; hence you should not rely on an auto applied recommendation. In this blog post, we’ll reveal several aspects of why the auto applied recommendation in Google Ads is not always the right option for you.

What Is Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendation?

Unlike in the past, Google now provides the facility to leave everything on it by an auto applied method. For every advertiser using Google Ads, Google uses AI technology that notifies its members to turn on auto recommendations whenever a modification is introduced. There are several benefits backed by the notification, like increasing your click rate, views, and sales.

Undoubtedly, Google is always intended to help its advertisers by making their way easy, and advertisers agree based on trust. However, not every recommendation is always fruitful. Many advertisers complain that Google automatically turned on auto applied recommendations, and they are not happy with it.

Why Should You Avoid Auto Applied Recommendation?

Allowing auto applied suggestions entails putting all power in Google’s hands which is a hazardous decision.

You (or your account manager) are better familiar with your account’s ins and outs. And, you probably have a campaign or two that you’re very confident in and an understanding of what works best for you. While some of Google’s recommendations might genuinely assist your campaigns, others, such as automatically adjusting your bidding tactics or automatically allowing targeting expansion, can significantly impact you may wish to avoid.

This can lead to unexpected outcomes, such as abrupt increases in your CPA due to possibly irrelevant clicks, unplanned changes in your conversion rates, etc. All of these can result in possible financial loss and budget waste.

So every time an auto recommendation pops up on your screen, you better avoid it instantly.

How To Reset The Settings?

So if you’re among the ones who mistakenly turned on the auto mode and now looking for a solution to get your settings back to normal, here you have the answer.

First, you need to see which things changed and which didn’t. So, start looking for any changes in your bidding strategy, any increase or decrease in budgets, keywords addition, or any changes in keyword match types.

Moreover, if Google has added a phrase to broad or broad keywords, you’ll see it in your change history tab. Now you’ll have to redo all such changes because you can’t just click a button and change them or bring that account back to your previous recommendations. So, if your bidding strategy was changed, any budgets were increased, keywords were added, or keyword match types, then go to history to see all such changes.

The best way to figure that out is to look for the answers in the past. Let’s say 90 days; see the history from 90 days ago when the auto mode was set up. Check if you notice any difference between the current and previous arrangements.

Here you have to observe deep and see whether it is running fine. If your campaigns are going well and you’re confident with the way things are going, don’t upset anything. Continue to run it, and if you want to make adjustments, use the experiments or build a new campaign and do something different in the new campaign or experiment.

Wrap Up

While this isn’t always the case, Google can frequently provide useful suggestions. Still, you’ll be better off going through these suggestions on your own and manually applying those that apply to you. It will take a little more time, but it will save you money and help you avoid damaging the performance of your efforts. So take your time going over your recommendations by hand and deciding which ones are most relevant to your company!

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