Are you an advertiser and running Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns but not getting results anymore?

Don‘t worry. GDN campaign displays your advertisement to the right audience to help you generate leads. However, Google’s algorithms keep upgrading, due to which your ad starts lagging suddenly. Many advertisers went through this phase, so don’t feel alone in this situation. Instead, read out further because we’ve shared tips to improve your GDN campaign.

So let’s get started!

What Is Google Display Network (GDN) Ad?

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a display advertising network that lets marketers use Google Adverts to send display ads to their intended audiences.

Google Ads is a search, video, and display ad serving solution from Google. The GDN enables marketers to communicate with consumers and potential customers via text, pictures, rich media, and YouTube videos.

Create a responsive display ad

4 Tips To Improve Performance Of Your GDN Campaign

Although there are countless tips to improve your GDN campaign, the most effective ones are as follows. Have a look at them.

  1. Change Images
  2. Include Ad Text
  3. Exclude Mobile App Clicks
  4. Remove Your Ad From Unwanted Sites

Change Images

Creative factors matter a lot when it comes to the performance of the GDN network. If you’re facing a sudden crash in your campaign, then try changing your images. This happens quite often if you’re using video in the Responsive Display Ad. Therefore, changing your ad campaign images will improve your performance.

Include Ad Text

You will see many marketers strongly against the usage of text in your images, whereas; it can get a massive boost in your campaign. People always get attracted to words no matter how least they are interested.

Strong persuasive words catch their attention instantly and make them curious to click. So must include Ad text in your campaign to improve the performance.

Exclude Mobile App Click

Since most of the web visiting has gone mobile, most click ratios are from mobile apps. And, honestly, as a mobile user, it feels so irritating to watch unwanted ads. Frequently, we click them unintentionally and leave the website later.

As a result, your overall performance stats start declining, so excluding your mobile app clicks from settings would be best.

Remove Your Ad From Unwanted Websites

No advertiser would like to display his ad on an unwanted website. Unwanted and bizarre websites include gambling, dating, etc. But how would you know which website is displaying your ad? That is possible if you exclude website placements. Remove them from your campaign setting to avoid unwanted traffic which doesn’t convert.

Wrapping Up

Unlike search networks, the GDN campaign targets the audience using Google’s AI. It chases the viewers in multiple forums and persuades them to make a click on the ad. Whereas the GDN campaign is one of the most effective advertising channels – it also requires some special attention.

If you’re failing to achieve the objective and your ad is not getting enough clicks, the tips mentioned above can help you. There are many other ways, but the ones written above are the most effective ones.

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