How to set up a video campaign

Here at SF Digital, we are really passionate about video marketing and in this blog, you’ll get an intro into how to create a ‘video campaign’ and how to set up video ads.

Video ads are a great way of reaching your audience and engaging with them in a more human way and are really powerful on YouTube and all social media. 

To manage and create campaigns you can use Google Ads and use the campaign called ‘Video’.

How to start

Before you start to build your video campaign and create ads, there are few things to think about first…

All your videos need to be YouTube hosted in order to make your video ad. 

You will be using the ‘Video’ campaign type to create all of your Ads and Ad Groups. There are different types of video ad formats and bidding strategies to suit the goal that you have selected for your campaign.

There are a variety of reports at your disposal to support your video campaigns, video ads and ad groups, some of which give you information on the ‘views’, ‘viewing rate’ and ‘earned actions’. Some of these benefits cannot be used with certain Google Ads.

You will need to create more than one ad group if you decide to run video discovery and in-streaming formats within one campaign.

If you want to have ads shown on partner sites and other display networks, consider using TrueView in-stream ads or outstream ads.

You can only use one style of video ad format per ad group have a choice between ‘skippable in-stream’, ‘video discovery’,’non-skippable in-stream’, ‘bumper’, or ‘out-stream’. And lastly, it’s not possible to utilise a ‘portfolio ‘bid strategy alongside your video campaign.

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