Is Google Ads Really Hard to Learn?

For many people, the idea of using Google Ads is off-putting. They think it sounds difficult and, functionally speaking, hard to get their head around. They highlight the fact that Facebook Ads seem easier to get started with, but the truth is that both ad platforms are completely different, so for this exercise, comparing them does little.

But is it difficult? Is it really as hard to learn as people think? The answer is yes, and no – it all depends on your approach. If you were asked to go and drive an eight-hour round trip across the country, through some of the country’s most traffic-heavy cities, when you’d never driven before, the chances are it’d go pretty disastrously.

You Don’t Become Great at Something Overnight

Ok, so the example above was a bit extreme, but you get our point. If having never touched Google Ads before, you attempt to set up a sophisticated ad campaign, it’s probably not going to yield great results. If you take the time to learn, however, and it doesn’t take long to establish the core basics, then you can quite easily put together a solid advertising campaign.

When it comes to Google Ads, users often attempt to run before they can walk, the results don’t turn out how they wanted them to, and they’re put off from using it again. If you follow simple tips from agencies like ours, however, then you can learn those foundational principles needed to get success from your ad campaigns.

Better Still, Outsource Your Google Ads Needs

Arguably the best thing you can do is to hire a PPC agency for whom running ads is their bread and butter. It’s an industry and profession just like any other, be that an accountant or plumber, and the people who are best at it are those that work on it professionally. So, why not give us a call?

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