Shooting on location means you need to have all of the equipment you need to create your videos. However, having all of my equipment with me in my video kit means that it can weigh a ton and it really slows me down.

In this video, I am on location and am going to show you my video kit, which I use to shoot and create videos for me and my clients and its all in this little carry case.

I need to be fairly mobile on location and especially in a hot environment, you don’t need or want equipment which weighs a ton and it really slows your workflow, kills your back and it’s not enjoyable. But with the kit that I have got recently, I’m loving creating my videos on location.

I have had quite a few questions asked by a lot of my subscribers and clients as to what I need to shoot on location. So let’s open up the bag and see what I’ve got in there:

1. MacBook Air – so that I can check all of the videos to make sure they are looking great before I head back home.

2. iPhone – I am shooting the above video with my iPhone, which is on a fairly small tripod. I have put the links to the tripod so that you can see what I’m using, but any inexpensive tripod will do because it’s just going to support a little smartphone or an iPhone.

3. Two portable power packs – when you are shooting on location, especially with your mobile phone, you need to have power.

4. Cables – I have millions of cables in my bag, which my wife has very kindly labelled for me so that I can work out which one is which.

5. DJI Osmo Pocket – this is something amazing, truly a game-changer. It has really put the fun back into photography and video for me. It has got a gimbal on it, and it moves around – up, down, sideways – and it shoots in 4K. It’s really good for shooting on location and it is very, very portable and lightweight. It comes with a case so that you can put it back in safely.

6. Connectors – these let me connect my USB ports for my MacBook Air.

7. Cleaning Cloth

8. DJI Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit – this has the wireless connector, which fits on top of it and connects wirelessly to my iPhone so I can use a bigger screen to see all the functions and control the whole thing from my smartphone or iPhone.

9. Rode Smartlav Microphone – this is what I’m using in the above video and it’s a wired one. Sometimes I use a wireless one, depending on the conditions and where I am. This goes all the way up to my collar. This is the Rode microphone which connects either through the smartphone or to the Pocket.

10. Card Reader – so that I can download my images and videos onto my MacBook Air.

DJI Osmo Pocket Extension Rod

11. DJI Osmo Pocket Extension Rod – this connects to the Osmo Pocket and you can extend your reach for the shots. It’s really, really clever the way they built it. I love it because I can go take shots which are quite low or from high above my head because this fits in quite nicely on here.

DJI Osmo Pocket Wireless Module

12. DJI Pocket Osmo Wireless Module – this controls the Pocket from the phone. You can have a wired one attached going to the phone, but I find the wireless controller works really well and it’s easy to use as well. Now you can extend this rod and then you can tilt. However, you want to use this extender. All the buttons are over here to press start, stop and shoot and you can also control the gimbal head which moves and gives me a nice action of the video head where I’m shooting. I really recommend this extender and it is not very expensive.

DJI Osmo Pocket ND Neutral Density Filters

14. ND Neutral Density Filters – this is something interesting because it makes or breaks your images or videos when you are shooting in very bright light. As you may have seen at the start of the video above, I was shooting with the sun behind my back. I’m shooting into the light, but because I’ve got this ND neutral density filters, which clip on to the top of the lens, I can get this right. The only thing that I hate about this is they are so small that it’s very easy to lose them or drop them somewhere. It is magnetic though so it is very secure once it is clipped on.

DJI Osmo Pocket Wide Angle Lens

15. DJI Osmo Pocket Wide Angle Lens – this is for the Osmo Pocket, which clips on and is magnetic.

16. SD/Micro SD card reader

Thank you for reading this blog and hope you got some ideas & inspirations on how to shoot video on location.

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