As we celebrate 18 years in business, (October 2020) we take a look back at our chances, opportunities, trials and errors, and various experiences accumulated through the years.

In this video, SF Digital Studios’ co-founder Farzana talks about ‘Our Story’ in our pursuit to carve our path towards becoming the digital marketing agency that we are today.

Farzana shares how we have evolved through the years since we founded SF Digital Studios in 2002. From starting as traditional photographers specialising in event and social photography we evolved by continuously innovating our services and we found our niche in digital marketing, becoming trusted experts in content creation designed for online marketing.

Here’s a summary of our journey to date:

Starting out as photographers, we were easily able to predict and adapt to the shift from still image to video. This allowed us to expand our services and meet the growing demand for video marketing.

When the recession hit in 2009-2010 we had to re-evaluate our own marketing strategy and we took the decision to try running Google Ads. Thankfully, it was a success and we quickly began to get enquiries about running other businesses’ campaigns.

Of course, before we could set up an online marketing campaign for someone, we would have to review their business website and so we increasingly started to create websites for online marketing. As creators of content in terms of images and video and coming from a printing industry background, it was a natural progression to build websites.  Today, website builds are a core activity within our business. 

Over the years we have built a team of dedicated experts who care as much about our brand as we do and we are proud of how far we have come. 

You can watch this video to learn more about our journey:

As long-time entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the needs of business owners trying to establish their presence online whilst being met with the challenge of finding their voice in a noisy digital space.

As such, we utilise a very hands-on approach by working closely with our clients, listening to their needs to understand the driving force of their business and then go on to create a bespoke marketing strategy to grow their business.

As official Google Partners, our clients are guaranteed that they are working with recognised and certified experts, trusted by Google itself. 

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About Uzair Kharawala
Uzair Kharawala is the Co-Founder at SF Digital. He is a Certified Google Partner, is a Cricket fanatic and loves Photography.
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