With Twitter Ads, there are a number of cost-effective ways you can increase awareness of your brand online. Most social media channels offer paid options to ‘boost’ your posts or to add targeted criteria so that your messaging appears in front of the audience most relevant to you.

One platform offering such ads is Twitter, a platform which is effective for both B2B and B2C audiences, boasting over 300 million active users per month. Below we’ll talk you through some of the features of Twitter Ads, to help inform your decision making when deciding whether the platform is right for you.


Twitter Ads For Local Marketing
Use Twitter Ads To Beat Your Competition

One of the most popular feature of Twitter Ads are it’s promoted feature. Much like boosted adverts on Facebook – you can pay to have your Tweet promoted so that it appears to a greater number of people than those already in your Twitter network.

29% of offline sales increases are attributed to promoted tweets, and using Twitter’s promoted adverts allows you to target users based on keywords and interests.

For example, if someone has searched or sent a tweet using the keyword you’re promoting, you’ll show up in their feed.

With over 500 million tweets sent each day, you’ll need to ensure you target your messaging to appear to the right people.

If you target Twitter users based on interests you can also target similar people with shared interests, which means you can target your adverts to your competitor’s followers. You can also target Twitter users by gender and device.


Understand Your Target Market Better

There are a number of benefits of using Twitter adverts to boost the profile of your business online. One benefit is that you control your total budget, including the maximum you’re willing to spend per day and per engagement.

So you can be sure you’re always spending within the budget you have allocated to the channel. Another benefit is that you can track and measure the success of your campaigns.

If, for example, you’ve targeted based on a certain interest but you’re not getting the response you expected, you might need to delve deeper into the interests you believed your audience has.

The success or failure of your Twitter adverts can actually teach you a great deal about the behaviours and preferences of your customers. This added benefit when analysing your Twitter advertising campaigns, increases the cost effectiveness of running the adverts and could help you justify further spend on the platform.


Twitter Ads For Local Marketing
Reach Your Closest Customers

Twitter also offers the option of targeting your tweets based on a person’s geographical location, from a broad match such as the country they’re in, right down to the person’s postcode.

One great way Twitter adverts can help you to raise your profile is by promoting keywords or key messages and interests relevant to your local area. As people search for keywords relevant to your local market – they will see your promoted post including the key messages you want them to see.

There are a number of ways you can increase awareness of your business online using Twitter Ads. The targeted nature, the benefit of the analytics and the option to target your audience makes advertising on this platform highly effective.


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