In this video, I’m in this incredible place in Hawaii called the Sharks Girl where we are doing a lot of video shooting using the drone and DJI Pocket Osmo.

The content which we are creating in the video is a time-lapse hyperlapse and aerial footage of videos and photos from the drones, which I will show you in another video. But the Southern which I’ve got over here right now is a timelapse where this gimbal is rotating every few seconds or I think every pretty much every second takes a shot and it’s going to make it into a really nice time-lapse, which will give us a 180 degree view. All we really need is the extension, a DTI extension rod, a smartphone, and the Osmo pocket.

You set it up and let it run for about five minutes or so, and that’s all you need to do. It’s super easy and effortless, pretty much. You don’t need to do anything. You can just admire the scenery, have a cup of tea or a cold drink, and reminisce for the length of time you are shooting.

The time lapse is going to stop. Render it up and give you an MP4 which you can then upload directly to your website, YouTube, or whatever you want.

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