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Here’s a client web design case study for Fitzone, an Aerobics, Clubbercise, Kettlebells & Pilates fitness company in Leighton Buzzard & Milton Keynes. We created a brand new website which offered a great user experience and simple navigation & functionality.

Maria Burnell, who runs Fitzone,  wanted to take her business online and be able to offer a complete visitor journey from searching for the class time table to a fully automated booking process. A website which was fully mobile friendly and was simple to use on the mobile.


Web Design Leighton Buzzard


The process starts from creating a mock-up of the website, writing sales copy, creating images & videos. First we started with the photography and shot some images of Maria at our studios.


Then the classes were video’d and edited to create videos such as the one below. We created 4 videos for the website which included scripting, storyboarding & final HD quality videos.



Being a Certified Google Partner, uploading videos to a YouTube channel the right way is critical for the video/s to be found on the YouTube & Google Search. This helps bring targeted & free traffic to the website. Video marketing is the ‘buzz’ word in the marketing world right now. You can get your message across to an audience and start the trust building process on full automation!

Here’s a screen grab of 2 videos ranked 1 & 2 for the targeted keyword on YouTube.

Video Marketing


Here’s a screen grab of the Google Page 1 for our targeted keyword. The YouTube video is ranked on Page 1 along with the Adwords Ad (which we manage) at the top of the page.


Web Design Leighton Buzzard


Many SEO marketers say that it takes ages to rank on Google Page 1. That is not the case if you do the right things which Google asks of you and perform the keyword research the right way to evaluate the level of competition in your market or niche. Here’s a screenshot of 4 links on Google page 1 within 8 weeks of a brand new website with no history at all going live. See the YouTube video ranked again on here!


Web Design Leighton Buzzard


Photography plays a huge part in how the website looks and feels to a visitor. Professional photography can enhance the visitor experience and compliment the overall design of the website. Here’s some images of Maria which were shot at our studios and then used across the website.

Web Design Leighton Buzzard

Web Design Leighton Buzzard

Web Design Leighton Buzzard


Online Payments

The next stage of the website was to find a great solution for the online booking and the monthly recurring payments for the ‘Premier Club’. The payment & booking solution is fully mobile friendly and simple to use on the smartphones & tablets. Customers can book any class online with a simple 1-click checkout via their smartphones.

Online Payments For Website.



This is where most web design companies can’t offer any further help to their clients, other than to embed the Google Analytics. They cannot give guidance to their client/s on how to understand the visitor journey and activity on a website.

We make sure that a website is not just an online ‘glorified’ brochure but works as hard as you do to get new leads or sales. The web pages are designed with strong call to actions such as:

  • Click to call button on a mobile
  • Request call back form
  • Video plays
  • Book now buttons
  • Pay now buttons
  • Social media share buttons
  • Facebook Like box

All these above interactions & engagements of every visitor on a website and is tracked  to see the performance of the website. These ‘micro & macro’ conversions are monitored on a KPI dashboard on a month-on-month basis. We then make data-centric decisions on how to further optimise the website for higher conversions.

Client Testimonial

We’re happy that Maria & her clients love the website and we’re very pleased to receive this testimonial from her:

“When I hired SF Digital Studios to create my new website, Oz promised that my website will be better than any of my local competitors. True to his words, I love my website, but more importantly my clients love it too! Everything from design, copywriting, photography, videos and online payments was taken care of and is to my satisfaction. Not only that, my website is already ranking on page 1 in Google & YouTube within weeks of going live. Thank you!”.
Maria Burnell, Fitzone.


We’re not your average web design company! We’re a creative studios where we help clients from concept to campaigns and create high quality digital assets i.e images, videos & websites and then take it on Google & YouTube to raise awareness, drive targeted traffic and get more conversions.

If you would like a free appraisal of your website and your online marketing activities, then why not contact us on 01525 850795 or via uzair@sfdigital.co.uk

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Uzair Kharawala is the Co-Founder at SF Digital. He is a Certified Google Partner, is a Cricket fanatic and loves Photography.
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