Google Ads Tips | Having Trouble Gathering Insights From Google Analytics?

Insights from Google Analytics can be a lot for people to get their heads round. Don’t worry! I’ll give you 3 tips on how you can do this.

Video Transcript

Having trouble gathering insights from Google Analytics? Don’t worry! I’ll give you 3 tips on how you can do this..

Before making a purchase, many customers just like yourself will search both high and low to get all the information that they can about a product so that before they make a purchase they know what they are getting themselves in to. 

In order to apply an appropriate response, you as the marketer need to get as many insights from Google Analytics so that a strategy can be put in place so that you can understand the customers intentions in order to deliver a personal and tailored experience. 

To gain access to these insights it’s heavily recommended that you make the most of the reports that are available to you within Google Analytics and today we’re going to look at these different types of reports and how useful they are. 

Acquisition Reports 

These reports as the name suggest show you how you acquire visitors to your site, where did they come from? Was it through a search campaign? Was it organically or through a referral?

Knowing where they come from shows you your most valuable sources when it comes to customer acquisition and what sources aren’t doing so well so that they can be improved.

Behaviour Reports 

These types of reports indicate how users are behaving on your website, what pages are the most visited and what actions a user takes leading up to that all-important conversion.

This also gives you an insight into how they’re finding the experience of navigating through your website. 

Conversion Reports 

Conversions themselves are important so is understanding the path to a conversion that a certain customer has taken. According to studies by Google, no one customer journey will ever be the same.

Referring back to my initial point, customers will sometimes go off your website in order to do research elsewhere about the product in question and to read reviews before making their purchase.

You can also see what actions a customer has taken post purchase such as whether they subscribe to an email campaign following their purchase.

All of these reports combined allow you to understand user behaviour on website and these insights will also allow you to improve the customer journey so that your business can improve both sales and the user experience. 

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