How Can Adzoola Help You Uncover YouTube Placements And Unique Keywords?

Seeing your YouTube ads fail to target the right audience is very disappointing. Low ROI or ad failure can be anything, from the improper use of keywords to advertising on the wrong channel or video.

If you are looking for something to help you find the proper channels, videos, and keywords to maximise your ads reach, Alex King is here to help you.

He is the founder of a most beneficial keyword tool, Adzoola. And, he also helped various clients get better ad results when he was managing Google Ads from 2008 to 2015.

Alex created this excellent tool out of the frustration that a typical Google Ads manager feels while searching perfect channels and videos for ads the whole day.

The long working hours to help the client get the highest ROI before scaling up motivated him to create some fantastic YouTube advertising tools. Luckily, you can now easily search for the best placements and videos for your ads using the Adzoola tool.

In this blog post, you will learn how Adzoola can help you uncover YouTube placements and unique keywords. So let’s dive right in!

What Is Adzoola?

If you are an advertiser on YouTube, you must be familiar with the hustle of selecting the correct placement and video for your ads. No one likes placing their ads on irrelevant content video.

That’s where the Adzoola tool helps you!

It gives you perfect placement ideas considering the target audience and comes up with the right video.

Alex told us how people often come to him complaining YouTube Ads don’t work. They don’t understand the importance of starting with a small and particular audience and getting into the broader forms. This dramatically affects the overall performance of ads and results in poor ROI.

So Alex suggests starting with the specific audience before digging into the broader form. In this way, you can also save your budget using this technique. That’s how Alex helped his clients get better ROI and visibility.

And if you find it hard to sit for long hours searching the right keyword, use Adzoola. Even if you belong to a different country, Adzoola provides you with language-changing options, and you can get results in any language.

Isn’t it awesome?

How To Search Keywords For YouTube In Adzoola?

When you get access to the Adzoola tool, you will see various other YouTube tools available in it. These tools help you in generating on-point results.

Alex shared a straightforward and helpful way to select the best placements and videos to display ads. First, enter your keyword in the keyword search tool and see what the top results are and how people are targeting that keyword.

Pick 10 top keywords from each category and search videos targeting that keyword. You will get a lot of videos; it’d be good to start by picking up 100 videos at the start, as it will save your budget.

With Adzoola, you get the particular targeting audience that makes it easy for you to place your ads and get better engagement.

But how to prevent other related ads from showing over your ad in that particular video?

Alex has an excellent tip to solve that issue. You have to set up proper ad campaigns to avoid other ads from displaying over your ad. Go to the campaign network settings and uncheck all the video partners on the display network.

You can also add more ads to your campaign and pause the slow working ads – saving your budget from running away. You can also exclude any unwanted video using the filter option available in the settings. Also, building an audience is easy if you keenly search which keyword ranks higher and how your competitors are ranking.

YouTube Video Targeting Tool

Something Exciting Alex Has To Say About The Keyword Search Part

There are three layers to it when it comes to targeting the right audience. First, directly use the main keyword and see how your competitors rank using it; collect those primary keywords.

The second layer involves the indirect search of keywords like if you are targeting golf swing, search for golf equipment. In the last layer, only target the word golf.

Tools We Use & Love!

What Are The Different Tools Adzoola Has For You?

Adzoola is an excellent tool that gives you access to various unique keywords to increase your overall ads reach. If you are working on YouTube, go to the “video tools” category. Some of those fantastic tools are:

Video Searching

This option is beneficial in providing you with the best placement videos related to your keyword. Just type in the keyword, and all the videos targeting that keyword will show up in the results. You can then add the best ones in your campaign to run ads.

Channel Searching

If you are looking for a proper channel that perfectly matches your keyword, you can use this feature. You can place your ads on a whole channel instead of a few videos.

Keyword Searching

As the name suggests, this feature helps you select the best keyword that will rank higher on the search engine or YouTube. You will get a list of related keywords; create a list to pick a few. This tool is also used in web searches as well as YouTube searches.

Why should You Choose Adzoola?

In the past, it was effortless to upload the content and get maximum engagement within a minimum time. But now, it isn’t easy to rank your content on YouTube.

You must be wondering why?

YouTube gets approximately 500 hours of content with each passing minute, and in this vast competition, you should come up with unique keywords to target the right audience.

Why Adzoola?

The fact that Adzoola doesn’t cost you much and you can easily place your ads on the proper channels and videos makes it the best video tool. There are many factors that make Adzoola stand out among other competitors, such as:

Speedy Advertising

You may be thinking, why buy Adzoola when the same work can be done manually?

It takes a lot of time and attention to do the keyword search and find out the best placement site. You will exhaust yourself by finding out the right channel and video.

But with Adzoola, you don’t have to do all this. Just add the keyword, grab the best results and filter the content over which you need to display your ads.

Simple To Use

Adzoola is a straightforward tool with no complicated instructions and processes. The video tool and web search option enable you to do extensive research within a minimum time.

At this point, you must have got all the information related to how Adzoola can help you uncover YouTube placements and unique keywords. However, another helpful tip by Alex that can assist you in engaging the audience and grabbing their attention is to start the first 10 to 30 seconds of your ad with a good hook.

If you fail to get the maximum audience, there can be a low ROI. So, along with working on the tips and tricks to rank and display your ad, also work on the content of ads. Increased views mean you are on the right track.

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