A question I’m often asked is, “is our video ad expensive?”

In my humble opinion, absolutely not. It is the most economical way of advertising right now. Just like going back 10 years, when Google Ads was very new, the cost per clicks was very low.

Right now the video views are very low. There’s so much inventory on YouTube especially, that they can’t even give away the views if they wanted to. There are very few people running with your ads comparatively to Google ads.

So Why Are They Cheap?

It’s because there are lots of people viewing video ads on YouTube and Google needs to monetize those videos with ads. Now, on average in countries like the US, UK or Europe, you can easily get a view for around five pence or five cents or less, and in the third world, countries getting views for as little as a one pence.

What Is A View?

A view is when someone continues to view your video ad for a minimum of 30 seconds or until the video finishes, whichever is the first. So if someone viewed my video ad and they did not skip it and they continue to watch it, let’s say up to 26 or 27 seconds and then skip, I’ve had free branding and free advertising for a whole 27 seconds. But if they watched for 31 seconds, then YouTube or Google ads will charge me whatever the amount is, which is relatively low.

You don’t need a massive budget. You can start with $5 a day. If you’re a small business or a local business, you can run video ads all day long in your local area without any problems and build up your audience and put your message across to your target audience and in the local community very quickly, very easily and at very low budget or cost.

I would highly recommend you get started with just even a few dollars a day and see what happens. And I’m pretty certain that you are going to get some very good results for your video.

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