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So, the question is, ‘How do I get started with video marketing and what do I need? I just don’t know where to start and how to start.’

All you need is a simple smartphone, any smartphone will do to get started and a couple pieces of items which you need. So a microphone, a small microphone which you can then clip onto your shirt or top, doesn’t need to be very expensive and you can buy it for under $10 or pounds from Amazon.

The other piece of kit is a lighting kit. So as I was showing earlier, something like this which you can get for around £63, but obviously it depends on the country of your origin. So you can pretty much get started with video marketing extremely easily and quickly.

The only thing which is going to stop yourself from getting started is yourself!  Don’t try and make it perfect. Just carry on working towards making it perfect. So just like this session I switched it on thinking it’s going to work smoothly and seamlessly. I tested everything earlier on.

It was working fine. As soon as I pressed the live button things did not go according to plan! So that’s not a problem at all. And you’ve just got to keep trying and not give up.

Video marketing is one of the best things that you can do right now because obviously, nobody can go outdoors and go and see our clients. And the best way to reach them is through your videos. You put in your messages, you put in your expertise, show how to do something. Whatever is your vertical or niche and put yourself out there.

Just like I’m putting myself through. These sessions are aiming at people who are struggling right now with online digital marketing and I’m here to help out as much as I possibly can. Send me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. So let’s move on to the next question,

‘Which is the best way to run an affiliate campaign on Google Ads?’  Please don’t run affiliate campaigns on Google Ads. Google will suspend your account and it is against Google’s terms and conditions. So the only way you can run an affiliate campaign is to send the traffic to your website or your landing page or your blog where you showcase that product.

Put up some tutorials, how to use it, what’s the benefits, what are the features and try to be as helpful as possible. So you are adding and giving value to your customers.

If you are promoting a product and you are an affiliate for a company, ask them to give you some special coupon codes which nobody can get from somewhere else. So they will start to use your coupon codes because you are saving them money.

And this is the best way in my opinion, to offer affiliate campaigns through Google Ads. So never run affiliate marketing directly from Google Ads or any other advertising platform. 

Question number three, ‘So this is about Google Ads. Is there a way to bulk change ad group names?’  Yes, there is. Quite often you will have campaigns which may have hundreds or thousands of ad groups and should you need to change anything on it, either the name or the keywords or whatever. I would highly recommend you download the Google Ads Editor.

So this is the tool which I use and many of the professionals use to make changes at bulk. Not many people know about this. You download it for free and it works seamlessly and you will save a lot of time when you want to make bulk changes.

So things like adding new keywords, pausing keywords changing the match types of keywords and so on. It’s free of charge. You can download that without any problems. 

Question number four,’What is your opinion on YouTube ads that interrupt the video?’ Okay, so you’re talking about the instream ad, which comes up when you play a video. You get the ads which show which are skippable after five seconds. And also these ads appear between the videos as well.

My opinion is, they are very good. They work really well and we run a lot of video marketing campaigns for our clients so that audiences can be reached when they are watching videos on YouTube. Now many people say they are very annoying.

Well so be it! You know when you watch TV you get ads. When you go to the cinema you have to watch ads, when you read a newspaper or magazine or rather wherever you look, the whole world you know works on advertising. If there is no advertising, nobody will be selling anything.

The annoying bit comes when it is not targeted. If you have got your targeting right, you really get great results and your audience will look at your ads and won’t get annoyed.

So they do work wonderfully well. And the good thing is not many companies, I believe only 9% of businesses currently are using YouTube ads. So there’s a huge gap in the market and I would highly recommend that you get started as quickly as possible.

Next question is, ‘Can you install Google analytics directly to your website and link it to the tag manager? If possible, how do I go about it?’  Okay, if you’re using Google tag manager, you don’t need to install Google analytics directly to your website.

All you need to do is install the Google tag manager on your website and then install the Google analytics inside the tag manager. So the whole point of the tag manager is, as the name suggests, is it manages all your tags, whether it’s analytics, remarketing, conversion tracking,

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, all kinds of tags. Don’t put it on your website, it slows it down, put it on your Google tag manager and control all your tags. And the other thing is then you don’t need to mess about with your website or having to go to the webmaster to keep on asking them, install this tag and other tags.

You would install the tag of the tag manager on any website once and then as long as you’ve got access to the tag manager you install as many tags as you like. 

Okay, so this is a very interesting question. ‘How do I get a million views on YouTube overnight?’ Okay. So it’s kind of like asking how do I become a millionaire overnight? There is no such thing! You can get a lot of views. Perhaps you can get a million views if you run ads and you’ve got a big budget.

Yes, absolutely. You will need to have a blank checkbook and all the big brands they run ads on YouTube with multi million pound budgets and you can, they can get as many views as they want. The inventory is so big on YouTube that no one can buy all the ads.

You can have a multimillion pound budget and still it won’t be enough to buy all the traffic. So if you are referring to organic traffic and organic views, unless you have a very big channel you will not get millions of views, but you have to work towards it. 

‘So how important is click through rate in Google Ads?’. I think the focus should be on the conversions, conversion rate and cost per conversion or the return on ad spend [ROAS]. Click through rate is a good metric to see whether your ads are attracting that click.

If you are not getting that click, that means there’s something wrong either with the targeting of those keywords that you are targeting a very broad match or broad set of keywords and your ads are not relevant to that person or the text in your ad is not attractive enough for somebody to take notice and go, ‘Ooh, this looks interesting.

I’m going to click and see what this is all about.’  So, Google wants the clicks, otherwise how are they going to make money? So you need to keep an eye on it. But the main focus should be on the conversions. 

The next question is, ‘How do I find Google keywords with the best return on investment?’ You can’t find, you need to test it, that’s the only way you throw a lot of keywords on the wall and see which ones stick and which ones don’t.

Usually from my experience it is the 80:20, 20% of the keywords are going to give you 80% of the results. There is no quick way, you will need to invest in some testing and this is where a lot of professionals, people, companies, they give up far too quickly and set up a campaign, run it for a few days or maybe a few weeks, and then they come to the conclusion that it’s a waste of money and it’s not working.

It does work. Otherwise Google will not be Google Ad’s main source of income where Google makes their money. So it does work, absolutely 100% and until you don’t try, it may take you two months, it may take you three months, depending on how small or big your budget is.

The bigger the budget, the quicker you will get the answers, which keywords are working and which ones aren’t working.

‘How do video production companies market themselves?’ Now, I presume you’re talking about online marketing and being a video production company, there is no better channel than video marketing. Now, obviously I’m going to say YouTube, but on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and all these new ones coming out, the most shared/ liked piece of content is video.

Now, you should not have any problems creating videos as you are really a production company. So you churn out these videos, create videos which add value and not just ads because people don’t like being sold to.

They want to get good value out of watching someone’s videos. And that’s what you want to be doing, is to be able to offer them great quality content. Build up your following using videos like I’m doing right now. I’m hosting these sessions now, investing and spending a bit of time and hopefully offering some value for you guys.

So, learn how to run these ads, whether be it on Google, Bing, Facebook or whichever channel you want. You will waste a lot of money and you will find that you will come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work and it only works for big companies. Okay, so let’s go to the questions in the chat.

‘How to generate leads for web designing companies. Which is the best strategy, Facebook or Google? Using Google ads, which bidding strategy is better?’ So we also offer web design as an agency and we have run ads and offers for web designing.

The way I do it and the way we do it is take things which are completely different. So for example, we ran a campaign where we offered a completely free web design service. If you like the web design or the website design, then we take it forward.

If not, then you just leave it and walk away so there’s no charge up front. Another thing which you can do for generating leads is to educate your client how slow their website is and how much it is hurting them with lower conversions.

Now I know this for a fact because we are just about to launch a campaign on this. Most of the websites which I see are extremely slow, especially on the mobile. So what you want to do is to not scare them off, but you can point it out that because of the slow speed, they will lose customers.

They will have lower conversions and you can offer better results with a faster website, which will increase their conversions and the conversion rates. 

‘Which strategy is better. Facebook or Google?’  I would say both. Because when somebody is searching, when you have a problem, you go to Google, you don’t go to Facebook. But what Facebook and Instagram are really great at is remarketing.

So those who have been to my website, I want to capture them over there because everybody right now is hanging out there getting bored at home and all day long they are pretty much on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. And these are the three channels where you can run your ads all day long and reach out to them and put your brand in front of them.

‘Every time my ads are taking more than three days for approval in Google ads.’ At present. Yes. They have a very skeleton staff as you can appreciate, usually 24 hours, the ads are approved, but I also experience that there is a bit of a delay and I don’t think anybody can do anything about it right now. 

‘Would you suggest now to be a good time to reduce ad spend on Google Ads given COVID-19 or do you think it’s a better time to increase ad spend to get exposure while other competitors pull back?’ Great question. I love it. Okay, I’m going to talk about ourselves. We have upped our ads and we have increased our marketing activities.

And here’s the reason why. I am not looking at the short-term gains. I’m looking at the long-term picture. This situation we are right now is obviously unprecedented and very unfortunate, but it’s not going to last forever after 12 weeks, 14 weeks, however many months it may take.

We will come out, people have to live and businesses are going to get more creative, because you can appreciate everybody is now looking at online marketing. Everybody now knows what zoom is all about with online consulting, online sessions, online, everything, right?

So when we come out of this, I want to be at the top of everybody’s mind. So my goal in 2020 was to upload one video a day. Right now we are working and aiming to put three videos a day. So we are 3 times our efforts and marketing to create content. Just like this one.

You know, I have not done this Q&A before and YouTube live. So it really doesn’t matter how many people have turned up today and how many are watching. I believe there are 14 right now. So I am reaching out to 14 people, which I did not have about half an hour ago.

And the beauty of these sessions is this is going to get saved on YouTube and it’s going to go over and over and over and I’ll get hundreds and thousands of views. So you do the work once and just carry on leveraging your videos while getting in front of your people.

So it’s not only about advertising, you need to just, you know, have a plan, a strategy and not just throw money at Google, Facebook, build up your brand. Most companies have cut down or stopped completely what that means that the cost per click is going to come down because there’s more inventory now and you can take advantage of that.

Video ads, as you may well know, nobody’s doing it. It literally costs pennies. Keep churning these out and sessions like these ones, put your expertise out there for the world to see and you’re going to get your following and hopefully more business at the end of the day.

So the next question is, ‘Is it good practice to use multiple targeting, topic, keyword in one Google display ad?’ Yes, it is in my humble opinion because you’re not going broad. You are really tightening the radius or targeting the audiences. So what I usually do is I have topic and keyword overlap on top of each other to really narrow it down and run ads on the Google display network with either display ads or responsive display ads.

And it is yes, and then you can mix and match different ones, you know, keyword plus in-market topic plus affinity and so on and see which combination works the best for you.

 ‘Can you target locally as well as the type of viewer, like gender and interest? Absolutely. 100% that’s the beauty with all these channels –  YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram. So, if you just want to target locally, within a five mile radius of where you are, you target them and then you target the demographics, whether you want to target male, females and go by interest.

Another great way to target is by custom intent audience, so we can target people who are searching for certain keywords and then tell Google that, ‘show my ads to those people who are searching those keywords or on YouTube’ as well.

So it’s extremely targeted, works really well. Another way you can target is you create a custom audience and tell Google that I want to target those people who go to sites like my competitors.

So you may have 15, 20 competitors, whether it be local or nationally. And then you create a custom audience from that. You can really, really get some incredible results for your ads.

‘What software are you using to stream this video right now?’ So I have obviously the YouTube live link on there, but there is a software called OBS so that needs to be linked. It’s free software. You download it and you link OBS to your YouTube channel. It takes a little bit of working out, but once it’s set up, it works perfectly well. Well until it goes wrong that is! 

With YouTube you can pretty much have as many people as you want over here. And the good thing is once I stop this streaming, it will get saved on YouTube and will stay there.

‘How to promote a magazine on YouTube and display.’ I believe, is it a printed magazine or display digital, either way, it doesn’t matter. You’ve got to build up that brand. If you want brand awareness, I would recommend you create 10 to 15 second videos or even six second videos which are non skippable.

That means people can’t skip it. So create six second videos and I’ll show you something really cool, which I’m quite proud of. We’ve done this for our client in Hawaii. So what we are doing is creating these six second videos and then we’re running these on YouTube and all over the internet. It’s not a ‘video-video’ with a person or somebody talking to it.

We take these reviews –  now everybody has got reviews for their businesses on Facebook, Google or Yelp and so on. And that is it. We create these videos and run them thousands and thousands and thousands of times in the local market.

So you too can have your logo, the picture of your magazine or your website or whatever, and you can create them on YouTube and display. If you’re going on display, set up a responsive display ad, so you can have images as well as videos on them. So that’s how you would do that. 

‘How to get more views. Can we get the ads running repeatedly?’ Yes, of course you can, Google and YouTube are going to take your money, I know, all day long! So you keep on running them and you’re going to keep getting the views. So that is not a problem. 

So I think that’s a good time to say goodbye to everyone. But before that, thank you so much. I hope you have enjoyed this session. I will send out an email or you can subscribe to our channel and you’ll be notified when the next one will be in.

I believe it will be in a couple of days and on Monday I will set up another session and if you have any questions, send them in and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. So that’s it for now and okay, one more question has just pinged in.

Why are TV repair Google ads accounts getting suspended. Yes, they have because they are classified as a third party repair service provider. So for mobile repair or mobile phone repair, a TV repair, IT, all of these are now banned or Google will not allow you to run those ads.

So thank you for joining in. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a bit nervous as to how this is going to go, but I think after that initial hiccup it has gone pretty smoothly. And let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next one. Take care. God bless. Stay safe, and I’ll see you soon.

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