Are you a retailer who relies on a shopping campaign to promote your products? Here’s some news for you, Google has just confirmed that the standard shopping campaign will continue to go in the foreseeable future. The term “foreseeable” refers to a period of not less than 6 months.

This is a moment of relief for those marketers who rely on standard shopping campaigns. This blog post will talk about all the activities you can or cannot perform in a standard shopping campaign. So let’s get straight into it.

Check out the comparison table between smart and standard shopping campaigns – Confirmed by Officials.

“Standard Shopping campaigns will be supported for the foreseeable future,” Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin confirmed on Twitter. 

This follows reports that certain Google Ads representatives have stated that conventional Shopping advertising would be phased out soon.

Naturally, “foreseeable future” denotes “not long from now: soon.” But, at least in the internet era, time is relative. In internet years, 6 months from now may be a very different place.

How Does Standard Shopping Campaign Works?

Shopping campaigns are a simple and flexible method to organise and market your Merchant Center product inventory within Google Advertising. So in simple words, these campaigns are used to manage your Shopping ads.

Wondering How Standard Shopping Campaigns Work?

Shopping ads pick how and where to show your advertising based on current Merchant Center product data (not keywords). Not to mention, details about your selling items are included in the product data you submit through Merchant Center. 

When Google matches a user’s search to your advertisements, it will utilise these characteristics to present the most relevant goods.

What Makes Standard Shopping Campaign Better Than Smart Shopping Campaign?

The greatest difference which makes a Standard Shopping Campaign better for retailers is its control. It is probably the most convenient campaign type which prevents many unnecessary decisions. You can set your priorities as per your business needs and adjust your advertising budget.

Features Of Standard Shopping Campaign

Here are some of the features that the Standard Shopping Campaign include:

  • It can be shown on Gmail.
  • It does not support a conversion value bidding strategy.
  • It supports negative keywords.
  • It supports the ad schedule.
  • It supports bidding adjustments.
  • It allows and supports performance breakdown.

Standard Shopping campaigns provide features, controls, and statistics that many marketers rely on. Knowing that they will be available would be reassuring, especially since Google has removed manual controls in several areas.

Important Note!

Google will phase out Smart Shopping ads between July and September, and Performance Max campaigns will take their place. Standard Shopping campaigns will continue to be available long after Smart Shopping is discontinued – ensuring that marketers access this shopping-specific campaign type.

Wrap Up

So here we conclude the most recent update with you. The Standard Shopping Campaign is coming back again in July and September for small-scale businesses. So if you want to make your product sell like crazy in the market, consider a standard shopping campaign.

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