Have you ever thought about how a keyword with a negative character will turn out to be the most potential aspect of your ad campaign?

Running Google Ads Performance Max campaigns is all fun and exciting. You enable your product/service to appear before the world. You notice rising impressions, clicks, and leads which makes it look all progressing.

But did you know a major proportion of those clicks and leads belong to uninterested buyers? These are the least interested people in your product, but they have clicked since your ad ran on their screen.

But how to prevent your ad before unwanted buyers? The answer is by using Google Ads Performance Max negative keywords.

Like relevant keywords enable you to appear in the search engines, negative keywords do the opposite.

Sounds interesting, right? Coming up next, we will explore all about Performance Max negative keywords, their benefits, and how to insert them.

So let’s get straight into it!

What Is A Negative Keyword, And Why Do You Need It?

Unwanted clicks, impressions, and leads are the hidden cause of the failure of many ad campaigns. Reason? Advertisers remain too busy targeting the right audience that they don’t realise many unwanted buyers are chasing them.

A potential keyword helps the content appear on the search engines, whereas negative keywords do the opposite. To clarify, a negative keyword will prevent your ad from running before uninterested buyers, which apparently is a very lucrative scenario.

Why Do You Need It?

Let us explain it to you with an example.

You are running an ad campaign with the keyword, “Cheap travelling bags.” Apparently, your most potential audience is those who need affordable travelling bags. However, anyone looking at “Travelling Bags” will also likely see your ad.

Un-Interested Buyers Spotted!!

You definitely don’t want them to see your ads either. It costs you an unnecessary budget, impressions, clicks, and leads that are useless to you.

Therefore, inserting Google Ads Performance Max negative keywords will help you reduce clicks and impressions.

Benefits Of Using Google Ads Performance Max Negative Keywords

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

Adding negative keywords will leave the most positive impression on your ad campaign. And some of those huge benefits are as follows:

More Targeted Audience

Your conversion rate is the only source of seeing your campaign success. It doesn’t matter how many clicks or impressions you got. It’ll be useless if they don’t convert. And it will only be converted by interested buyers.

Adding Performance Max campaigns negative keywords helps you engage a more targeted audience. Even though the clicks will be reduced, they will be relevant and convertible.


Running a PPC ad is all about charging per click, and getting clicks from unwanted sources will only cost you money and nothing.

Contrary to this, adding a negative keyword will only get you clicks from interested buyers. They’ll be direct and potential. Ultimately, it will prevent you from spending unnecessary bucks. Advertisers ignore this technical aspect and face a huge burden on their wallets. So make sure you don’t face the same while running a Performance Max ad campaign.

Lower Conversion Cost

Another advantage of Performance Max negative keywords is that they lower your cost per conversion. You get high-quality and potential visitors to your website when you have a high conversion rate. Why? Because you’re only contacting those who are actively searching to purchase your goods and services. As a result, only potential and relevant customers will see your advertisements. As you spend less money to make a sale, your cost-per-click conversion will decrease.

More CTR To Achieve

For any business, the click-through rate (CTR) is crucial. This is the first advantage of using negative keywords. Negative keywords, in essence, exclude prospective search queries that aren’t relevant to a certain campaign. As a result, you raise the potential click-through rate of your business by reducing unnecessary questions.

Increased Conversion Rate

Negative keywords guarantee that your advertisements appear in search results that are extremely relevant to your company’s products and services. It ensures that you don’t get any clicks for terms that have nothing to do with your business. Consequently, you’ll see an improvement in conversion rates because your targeting will be more successful.

Tips To Get Better Results

Before you add negative keywords, it is essential to know the secret to getting better results with Google Ads Performance Max campaigns. Check it out!

Create A Negative Keyword List

If you want to see quick and better results, devote a significant effort to crafting your keywords. It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem essential but is quite crucial and may have a long-term beneficial influence on your campaign’s results.

Add a search term/phrase to your negative keyword profile every time you encounter one you do not want to rank for or pay money for.

Keep Updating Your Negative Keyword List

Always double-check your search keywords and keep your keywords list up to date. This allows you to see the keywords you bid on and what people are looking for. Add a term to your negative keyword list if you don’t believe it will assist your campaign.

Apply Broad Match In Your Campaign

When adding negative keywords, you can utilise several match types (wide, phrase, precise). We recommend, however, that you employ wide match types. It assists you in deciding whether or not you want that keyword.

How to Add Negative Keywords in Your Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns?

So you’re ready to see the magic in your conversion rate with Google Ads Performance Max negative keywords? 

Check out the following instructions to do it the right way:


Negative Keyword Lists

Click Tools & Setting in your Google Ads dashboard, then “Negative Keyword Lists” under Shared Library.


Add Negative Keyword Lists

To add negative terms, click the “+” button.


Google Ads Negative Keywords

In the Negative Keywords box, type or paste your negative keywords. Remember to press “save” when you’re finished.

Wrap Up

So here we conclude our discussion about Negative Keywords. Google Ads Performance Max negative keywords play a vital role in the success of your campaigns.

By preventing unwanted clicks, it helps the advertiser to meet the right customer. Negative keywords are just as crucial as common keywords in your marketing.

It helps you enhance your Google Ads performance, but it also saves you money that you can put towards something else – like scaling your Smart Shopping with sacrificial ads or conducting a lead generation campaign on YouTube to gain additional visitors.

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