I often get asked how to get started with video ads, because there’s a lot of confusion as to how to get started.

To run your video ads, you need to use Google ads. You may ask: “why do you need Google ads to run video ads on YouTube?” Well, because Google owns YouTube.

To run video ads, you need to go into the interface of the Google ads through which you are going to set up your video ads and run. From there you can run video ads on YouTube as well as elsewhere on the internet where Google ads can place your radio ads as a placement. So let’s say for example on CNN, they have embedded a video from the channel and they are allowing other advertisers to run ads on there – on the video.

This is what we mean by monetization, that CNN, they monetize the videos by running other people’s ads on their video. So if somebody like myself goes on CNN and I watch a video, then an advertiser with a video ad can potentially be run and placed on that page. What I’m trying to say is I’m not even on YouTube. I’m on a third party website like CNN, bbc.com, Huffington post, all these blogs and big websites and networks where they have got a tremendous amount of traffic. You can get in front of your audience over there as well by running video ads through Google ads. It’s amazing how many views you can get and how many people will see your brand on various websites all over the internet and obviously on YouTube.

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