Is Digital Marketing Dead?

This is one blog that has a tongue-in-cheek creative licence. Without digital marketing, it is unlikely you, the reader, would have been directed to this blog, and without digital marketing, there would be a huge void in the fortunes of those who advertise online.

The average internet user spends almost seven hours a day online for work, entertainment, academic, social and lifestyle purposes. They browse, research, read, consume, enjoy, engage and interact online.

To put it crudely, the internet user is a captive audience and potential customer, and the internet is the perfect eCommerce platform for marketers.

Multimedia Marketing

The ad revenue generated from multimedia platforms Google, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn bears testimony to the fact that digital marketing is far from dead and is very, very healthy.  

Ad revenue for Facebook in 2022 breached $82 billion, while TikTok saw a 200% increase in its ad revenue, coming in at $11 billion in the same period. That’s an eye-watering amount and a lot of spending.

All of these platforms are future-proofing their marketing strategies and advertising campaigns by analysing consumer trends, predicting and sometimes defining the next consumer craze or becoming the architects of the next in-vogue retail ‘must-have.’

As digital technology becomes more sophisticated and its adoption more widespread, the demand for digital marketers, online content creators, and software Svengalis increases as opportunities unfold on multiple online channels. While internet usage continues to grow, so too will the infrastructure associated with online culture.

Websites – just like this one – will proliferate, and practitioners who understand pay-per-click strategies and Google Ad protocols will be those who thrive in an industry that still has plenty of life left in it.

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