How to Write Effective Google Ads for Healthcare

Brain injury and PTSD occurs in around 3% of the UK population, that’s over 2 billion people. Writing effective Google Ads to make sure you reach those you need to reach is essential for healthcare professionals.

Watch our video where Uzair will use a real-life example, to show you how to write effective Google Ads to make sure your healthcare practice appears at the top of Google searches.

Where Do You Start?

Every Google Ads campaign starts with a plan and we’ll now walk you through the steps you need to take to build a campaign that reaches the right people, at the right time, with the right messaging.

How to Write Effective Ad Copy

There’s no substitute for compelling, genuine ad copy. So how do you create that?

There are 4 key areas to look at when creating your copy.

  • Messaging should focus on the benefits to the user. When people search, they’re looking for search results that speak to their needs. If your ads fulfil this need, they’re more likely to click through.
  • Ensure your creative messages include your researched keywords. Users tend to engage with ads that appear most relevant to their search – so include the exact phrases your audience are searching
  • Avoid generic language in your ads and make sure you’re using specific calls to action (CTAs). Where CTAs are generic, engagement and click-through on your ad will often decrease.
  • Use the insight tools to monitor ad strength and watch how users are reacting to your ads. This metric is a valuable way to ensure you’re delivering the right messages to the right users.
how to write google ads copy

Write To Reflect Your Brand And What You Offer

There needs to be synergy between your messaging and your brand – users want to click through to websites where their expectations are met. Let’s look at two things you’ll need to consider when writing effective Google Ads:

  • Give your headlines plenty of attention. The content and quality of your headlines matters and will determine how well your ads perform.
  • Consider your character limits. Longer headlines increase the clickable space of your Search ads, but you might find that shorter headlines perform better for people already searching for your brand.

Set Up For The Best Chance Of Success

Setting up your ads for the best possible chance of success just makes good business sense. There are a couple of things you can do at the outset to make sure there are more eyes on your ads.

  • Use any ad extensions that make sense for your business. Aim for at least three, such as location, call buttons or price extensions. Ads with multiple extensions often perform better than ads with only one. They add useful info for searchers and help your message get noticed.
  • Use keyword insertion and ad customisers if you have a lot of ads to maintain. Google will then be able to dynamically include your keywords when they match a user’s search, reducing your management overhead and increasing campaign success.

Test Your Messages

As with all marketing, Google Ads really do need to be reviewed and optimised regularly for the best results. You can improve results by consistently tweaking ads based on the performance insights you’re getting.

  • Test and tweak your ad copy. You’ll learn about your users through their actions so you can improve your performance by making small changes to your ad text, based on their preferences.
  • Google recommends adding one responsive search ad per ad group. Responsive search ads let you create an ad that adapts to show more text and more relevant messages to your customers, which may improve your campaign’s performance.
  • Choose the right metrics to understand how your ads are performing. While click-throughs are great, many ad formats are about driving more impressions, clicks, or conversions. Measure based on your business goals.
  • Focus your testing efforts on high-value campaigns. Prioritising your testing efforts on the places that matter most will help you see the biggest improvements from testing.
  • Optimise your ad rotation to prefer the best performing ads. Ads optimised to drive clicks can improve your competitiveness in auctions.

Do You Want To Learn More About Google Ads?

We hope you found this blog useful and can use the information to create effective Google Ads for your healthcare practice.

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