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Why do I need Google Analytics?

Think of yourself behind the wheel of your car. Once you’ve strapped on your seat belt, what’s the next thing you do? Probably check your dashboard. Is there enough fuel? Are there any little yellow lights coming on that shouldn’t be? Even worse, are any red lights? It’s the same when you’re driving along. How’s your speed? Is fuel still OK?

What would happen if you were to blank out that dashboard – cover it with masking tape? It would be pretty difficult and dangerous to drive, won’t it? So why are you driving your business without a dashboard?

Driving your business where it needs to be

Now – think of your Google Ads as your car – literally driving your business to where it needs to be. Your Google Analytics is your all-important dashboard. It tells you, at a glance, all you need to know about how efficiently your website is ‘running’.

It’s a free tool – available to every website owner, just as a dashboard comes free with every car. But – how do we know whether our car or our website are running as smoothly and efficiently as they should be?

Cut your costs - fine-tune your marketing

In the case of your car, clearly you take it to an expert mechanic for a regular check-up, a service, an overall check-up and fine-tuning. But what about getting ‘under the bonnet’ of your website? That’s us. We are Google Analytics specialists.

Using Google Analytics for a bird’s eye view of your visitors

Key to business success is understanding your customers’ behavior.

Answer these questions and you’ve taken the first steps towards creating a successful and cost-effective digital marketing strategy.

Using our Google Analytics expertise, you’ll make data-driven decisions on your marketing activity that will massively improve your ROI. You’ll be evaluating the full customer journey and driving results which matter.

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Although nearly 85% of the world’s websites have Google Analytics installed, only 18% are using it.

With our expertise in Google Analytics, you will stop wasting money on ad campaigns that are not working. You will learn to laser focus your budget so that you spend your money in places where you will achieve the best Return on Investment

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As an official Google Partner, we’re recognized, digital marketing specialists. Google trusts us. The Google Partner badge marks us as experts who excel with Google products. We use Google best practices to keep their customers happy and successful.

Our co-founder, Uzair Kharawala, is a YouTube certified professional – a recognized authority in the fields of content ownership, asset monetization, channel growth and content strategy. As our client, you’ll benefit from our expertise in the industry’s leading e-commerce solution – Shopify. As an official Shopify Partner, we’ll guide you on the journey to real e-commerce growth and success.

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